Roof Leak Repair – Roof Leaks Can Be Prevented!

Among the most frustrating roofing issues, roof leak repair can be the worst. When you discover a leaky roof, your first impulse is to try to mend it by hand. This can be disastrous as it could prove to be quite expensive. There are, however, quite a number of things you can do to help prevent roof leak repair from being a very expensive project.

One of the least common causes of roof leak repairs is leaking rafters. If the underside of your roof and the rafters are also damp, then you too will have a much harder time of detecting a leak. That being said, it is important to note here that water leaks often have a method of being very deceptive. Despite their name, they can come in all different sizes and not all leaky roofs cause water damage.

One of the main ways to detect whether or not your roof is leaking is to listen for ripples. If there are ripples, especially several feet away from the leak, then there may be damage beneath the surface. If you discover leaks within the walls of your home, you should contact a roofing company immediately to have them inspect the entire property for any signs of damage. It is important to point out that a couple of feet away from a leak may not always indicate damage; especially if the leak is located within the attic of your house.

Another method you may use to determine whether or not you have a leaky roof is to perform a water test. If you notice a high water table near where you believe there may be a leak, then you may need to get a water test done. Specifically, you should get a dew point meter and place it at least six inches away from the leak. If there is no significant amount of water on the meter, then there may be no need to have a water test done. However, if you do find elevated readings, then you should make sure to have the leak looked at by a professional roofer as soon as possible.

If you notice water stains or water rings on your ceiling, then there may be damages within the ceiling panels. This can be one of the more difficult types of roof problems to fix, but with the right tools, a few hours, and some patience, you can save yourself the hassle of hiring a professional roofer and get your ceiling repaired immediately. One of the easiest ways to detect leaks is to look for discoloration, which is often caused by moisture escaping into the ceiling.

When you notice any type of discoloration on your roof, such as spots where the color has faded or rotted away, then it is imperative that you address the problem right away. Other signs of serious damage include rotten or flaking interior wood rot. Water seepage into the interior areas of the wood can cause this condition to worsen, which makes it more difficult to repair and prevents it from occurring in the future. Check your attic and basement areas for signs of damage, and if you spot mold or mildew on the underside of your drywall, then this is also an indication of water damage. You should consult a contractor before attempting to repair any type of wood rot or mold infestation on your own.

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