PDLBSG for your Company provides accounting services, tax services, financial services, legal and consulting services serving the needs of your company.

Accounting Services

Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

We are not like all the houses in Accounting and THE Our services go beyond traditional accounting to include a comprehensive range of consulting services that support your organization.

With our extensive range From business services, we can work with customers in every aspect of their business plans. We offer information and advice to help our clients achieve financial goals, identify opportunities for sustainable growth and better strategies to ensure their future.

Our extensive experience allows us to perform tasks capably and effectively.

Your business is our business. If you do not succeed and we will not. Visit zhunina.com for full list of services and offers.

Our Accounting offers a wide range of services.We are not firm suggesting that many services and some of them are:

Registration of companies
Company Registration VAT
Preparation and submission of annual tax returns
Financial advice
Preparation of projects for renewable energy sources
Preparation of projects for EU funding
Preparation of photovoltaic power plants
Training for Accountants – Program and training courses for accountants and professionally
Legal advice and legal services ….